db-Guestbook-v2 with C.M.S (Full screen version)

DB GUESTBOOK V2 with CMS (full screen version) PREVIEW GUESTBOOK

Add, update and delete comments flash dengan mudah.

Untuk mendapatkan guestbook ini kamu bisa membelinya di situs website resminya disini, atau kamu bisa chat untuk dapetin harga diskon di komputer-tech

  • Full flash–Php-Mysql guestbook.
  • C.M.S (admin panel) add, update and delete the comments.
  • Full screen and smooth preloader.
  • A msql file for quick database installation.
  • Elegant and smooth design.
  • Unlimited comments.
  • Automatic scroll for long texts.
  • Hide email for visitors , only the administrator can see it.
  • All fonts included.
  • 2 background patterns included.
  • Action Script commented.

  • index.fla
  • index.html
  • index.swf
  • php
  • fonts
  • background patterns
  • help.pdf
  • scripts
  • sql

  • Server yang mempunyai fasilitas php and mysql database
  • Pengetahuan tentang Action script, php and mysql untuk konfigurasi data base guestbook kamu.

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